We Make Life and Death Decisions

Based on Policies and Procedures

We have a lot of policies and procedures

Healthcare policies and procedures allow us to make decisions quickly and accurately in day-to-day healthcare situations. Read More

Group training is not realistic

Traditional group sessions for policy training are costly and impossible to schedule. They require even more of our professionals time, and that's less time available to patient care. Read More

We need proof of delivery

In most positions where complience with policies and procedures is required, there is a significant amount of risk involved when the employees are not up-to-date. Read More

Cost Effective

Does this look like it could work for you? See if it fits your budget with an Express Rate RequestRead More

We know that Health Care Challenges can be difficult, but we are here to help!

In the medical field, training never ends and health care professionals never stop learning. Being up-to-date with new developments and gaining new knowledge about
new policies is crucial in health care industry. Today, we are living in an era in which
there is constant change of policies in health care. This makes it necessary to improve
the knowledge of health care professionals and organizations to ensure they are aware
of the new regulations, policies tand procedures. 

Traditional sessions for policy training are costly and time consuming. They require professionals to be absent from their practices and sometimes create unnecessary expenses.

We provide the system and a process to complete the necessary policy reviews for your health care professionals, at their own pace and in their desired locations. The PolicyMagic policy training system is available online 24/7 and fits busy schedules of health care professionals. It lets organizations manage their online policy reviews and sign off processes.

Health care organizations have a lot of policies and procedures that are required for compliance and risk management. Employees need to be trainied on these policies and procedures in a way that can be documented. Ask us how online policy training can help your employees get the training they need in a practical and time saving way. We have helped many companies along the way, and we will be happy to assist you! 

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